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That’s right!!!! We are so proud to be able to share our good news!!!!!

Everybody’s favorite: Our Signature Bourbon Fruitcake has been selected to be featured in the December issue of Bon Appetit, America’s premier food and entertaining magazine .

Thank you so much to Bon Appetit. We are thrilled!

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Bien Fait Specialty Cakes: We are a bakery producing fine Fruitcakes, Teacakes, Biencakes, Fruitbars and Granola in Northeastern Vermont. All Bien Fait products are made by hand without artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

100% of our profits are donated locally and anonymously, a local non-profit dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their full potential. 

Bien Fait (b’yen fay) means well made and well done in French. To us, Bien Fait means a commitment to producing the highest-quality product, sourcing the purest ingredients locally and making every Fruitcake, Teacake, Biencake, Fruitbar and batch of Granola by hand.