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  • Cranberry Almond Cake

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  • Lemon Berry Teacake

  • Bourbon Fruitcake

Cheese and Fruit Cake, The Perfect Pair

Bien Fait Cakes is pleased to announce our Perfect Pair Partnership with Cellars at Jasper Hill, makers of fine cheese.

2013 Bon Appetit Magazine applauded our Signature Bourbon Fruitcake!!

2014 Yankee Magazine, Vermont Life and The Northland Journal also wrote about how great our cakes are!

2015 we are featured in Edible Green Mountains Magazine!



Bien Fait Specialty Cakes: We are a bakery producing fine Fruitcakes, Teacakes, Biencakes, Fruitbars and Granola in Northeastern Vermont. All Bien Fait products are made by hand without artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

100% of our profits are donated anonymously as our hearts and consciences dictate. We thank you all for your support of our efforts to supply the basics- food, heat, electricity- to our fellow human beings in need.

FYI- As a charitable entity desiring to donate as much as humanly possible to the needy, please note that we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover only.  Thank you for your understanding.