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"For everything there is a season..."

Dear Cake Lovers,

I have decided after much thought that my season in the bakery business will end of December 31, 2019 in order to pursue other interests. My season of life affords many opportunities to reflect on the years behind me and the time ahead. I have enjoyed my years "building cakes," and I will be the first to tell you I don't cook. I got my Cooking Merit Badge as an Eagle Scout for washing pots and pans. That is why I have been Bien Fait's Chief Taster.

Bien Fait's mission has always been to support community needs in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Accordingly, after BienFait (GSF, Inc) ceases operations on December 31, 2019, assets will be donated to nonprofits that serve this community.

I want to thank the many people who have made Bien Fait the source of the world's best fruitcakes. Chief Tasters can say such things.

Thank you to Bien Fait's employees, who have worked tirelessly to make and deliver an outstanding product.

Thank you to our vendors, who have supplied the very best ingredients, graphic art and marketing materials, packaging supplies and kitchen stuff, even when their trucks could not make the turn up our road. And thank you to UPS for leaving things on the porch or sometimes right inside the door.

Thank you to the Greensboro Post Office, which has handled big box orders and last minute, mass shipments with good cheer.

Thank you to the food writers, who have sung Bien Fait's praises nationally.

And most of all, Thank you to our customers, whose loyalty has been humbling and deeply gratifying to me personally.

Thank for the Sweet Ride,

Bill Alley

Chief Taster


Forget everything your thought you knew about fruitcake and send moist and rich all-natural, preservative-free Bien Fait cakes to everyone on your list.

Vermont Life

Unlike the leaded, electric-hued loaf of holiday humor, Bien Fait’s fruitcake, in signature bourbon or brandy, comes naturally sweetened and studded with large chunks of fruit and crunchy nuts; its only preservative is a healthy splash of spirits.

Yankee Magazine Editor's Choice Food Award

BIEN FAIT BRANDIED FRUITCAKE is the best of that old-fashioned treat—moist and chock-full of fruits and nuts.

Edible Green Mountains

~Our Commitment~

100% of Profits Donated to Charity

We are committed to improving the lives of children in our community by dedicating 100% of profits to local charities.

~Important things to know~

Our Fruitcakes continue to develop flavor and deepen with richness over the months as they cure.  We cure them under temperature controlled refrigeration for a minimum of three weeks, and up to a year, so you can have the most sumptuous flavor possible.


Add more items for the same shipping price!

You can ship 1-3 items, in box A, or 3-6 items, in box B, and the shipping rate stays the same for each box. Applies to any of the products we carry.

Folks with Nut Allergies take notice!

We make a few cakes without nuts, but it is important for those with nut allergies to understand that we make all our products in a facility that processes nuts.  The cheese and maple syrup products are produced off site and may or may not be processed in a facility that handles nuts.

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