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Bourbon Fruitcake

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Enjoy the old-world taste of a regional favorite – our Bourbon Fruitcake is a dark, rich cake that is loaded with raisins, figs, nuts, and apricots, complemented by the addition of smooth bourbon.

Our Bourbon Fruitcake is filled with the finest nuts and fruits and ¬†made by hand for delicious goodness certain to breed a whole new generation of fruitcake lovers in your home and office! Traditional fruitcake enthusiasts agree; this Bourbon Fruitcake takes them back to yesteryear when cakes like this could be found baking in grandma’s oven, and were served piping hot with a big glass of cold milk. This is a dark, rich cake using smooth bourbon to complement a full blend of flavors from raisins, figs, nuts, and apricots.

Gift Ideas

Our Bourbon Fruitcake is sure to please nearly any palette, and makes an excellent hostess gift or Secret Santa gift, although the delicious blend of flavors in this cake can be enjoyed year round! And since our Bourbon Fruitcake is affordably priced, it makes a lot of sense to keep one or more of these delicious fruitcakes on hand for unexpected guests, or for that one person who seems to always get left off your gift list! Also great for giving to co-workers, bosses, and others around the workplace where our Bourbon Fruitcake is destined to spread holiday cheer and set a festive mood.

Serving Suggestions

Slice our dense and rich Bourbon Fruitcake thinly, and serve it up with your favorite beverage. It’s quite delicious with a tall, frosty glass of milk or a piping hot cup of coffee or tea as a dessert or snack anytime. When serving during the holidays, eggnog is an excellent accompaniment.


We strive to make all of our products with the freshest ingredients possible, sourced from local farmers, growers, and co-ops when possible. We start out with flour that is made with red winter wheat from Nitty Gritty Grain in Vermont. This gives our cakes their characteristic Bien Fait crust, soft and moist crumb, and higher protein content. We add some rich and delicious butter from Cabot Creamery and some high quality brown sugar. Home-grown molasses from a local farm is then added to the mix along with delicious local buttermilk. Next, we stir in free-range organic eggs, raised by local farmers, and spices from our local co-op. We top that off with our premium dried fruits, including golden raisins, raisins, figs, prunes, currants, dates, and apricots, and our hand-selected nuts, including pecans and walnuts. And finally, our Bourbon Fruitcake is given a precise amount of Jim Beam Bourbon before it is baked to perfection in our ovens.

This fruitcake food gift contains the following ingredients: raisins, golden raisins, figs, bourbon, flour, prunes, currants, dates, apricots, walnuts, sugar, buttermilk, pecans, orange peel, water, butter, brown sugar, eggs, molasses, spices, baking soda, salt.