Photo Gallery

Enjoy these pictures of our special-order creations! We make many different types of cakes and desserts for local special orders and restaurant wholesale accounts, some of which are seasonally available since we use local fresh fruits. We can create pretty much any combination you can think up! Please contact us if you live in the area and wish to order a cake or dessert for your special event!
Blueberry almond cake
Blueberry Almond Cake
Chocolate raspberry cake
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
White cake with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream
Black forest cake
Black Forest Cake
Coconut cake
Coconut Cake
Queen of Sheba cake
Queen of Sheba Cake
Raspberry Coconut Cake
Raspberry Coconut Cake
Raspberry Linzertorte
Raspberry Linzertorte
Blueberry Cream Tart
Blueberry Cream Tart
Mini lime tarts
Mini Lime Tarts
Mini carrot cakes
Mini Carrot Cakes
Small pie
Small Pie